PINES is an international organization with many great possibilities for getting involved. If you are interested in assisting PINES with the ongoing challenges and opportunities of linking the world of nutrition, exercise and sport please contact our volunteer coordinator:

Nuwanee Kirihennedige at nkirihen@uccs.edu

PINES projects may involve many ideas and formats. PINES projects may be collaborations among organizations, professionals or institutions. Of specific interest are projects that have an international purpose and move forward the field of nutrition, exercise and sport science. For example, for the past years, PINES has been particularly involved with the Olympic Food Service Projects that started with the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

A survey was created and sent out to over 20 countries to collect data on performance-based and cultural food preferences for the Olympic Games. Since 2008, the process has been solidified and is now a collaboration between the International Olympic Committee (IOC), an assigned PINES working group and the official catering companies supporting the Olympic Village for both summer and winter games. If you are interested in initiating a PINES project please contact PINES, info@pinesnutrition.org.

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