Working together to connect professional networks, launching initiatives, and developing ideas using cutting-edge science and best practice models serves to advance both the profession and those working with athletes in the field. Learning from different organisations and the cultures in which they are embedded creates a rich experience that advances our understanding of practical applications, not only regarding different sports and their physiological and environmental differences but also in terms of people eat as part of their traditional diet. Partnerships, therefore, can take on a variety of activities.

Collaborations are also key in setting standards such as those of professional practice to ensure high quality, evidence-based approaches. Organisations do best if they join efforts rather than working in silos, especially if the field is relatively small. PINES welcomes such partnerships that focus on a common vision at home and around the globe. PINES ' involvement with ACSM is a great example that has the potential to affect policy in the area of nutrition and exercise as much as it is capable of reaching into global regions with few resources, strengthening their educational efforts and connecting them to the world.
PINES is also interested in industry partners. By identifying meaningful activities that align an industry goals and objectives with the strategies of PINES can benefit both as much as the consumer. Of course, nonprofit organizations are dependent on the industry's support. PINES has received support for its launch in 2005 from Gatorade Sport Science Institute and is currently supported by PowerBar and Nestle Nutrition Insitute. This partnership has assisted PINES with member benefits such as electronic resource sharing, educational and social activities, and it's virtual outreach through this website. For further information on how to partner with PINES email


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