Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES) is a United States-based 501(c)-(3) nonprofit organization focused on linking professionals in nutrition, exercise and sport around the globe, thereby enhancing excellence in sport nutrition services provided to athletes and active individuals. 

PINES members reside in more than 30 countries around the world and provide variety and diversity among sport nutrition professionals that is unique to the industry. Rather than replacing national sport nutrition organizations, PINES emphasizes collaboration among existing organization and mentorship for those professionals trying to establish their own national organization. PINES aim is to expand the presence of sport nutritionists and dietitians world wide.

To promote the interaction of Nutrition Professionals in Exercise and Sport and the sharing of resources and experiences, so that excellence in sport nutrition be achieved worldwide and to promote optimal performance, health and injury prevention for competitive and recreational athletes around the world through evidence-based nutrition and exercise research, education and practice by qualified nutrition and exercise professionals

Our Vision:
Athletes worldwide, regardless of country or economic status, will have access to evidenced-based nutrition and exercise education and advice from qualified nutrition and exercise professionals.

Our Governing Principles:
To promote our vision, PINES will:

  • Identify and share educational materials and resources
  • Identify and promote training and outreach through accredited courses, conferences, and practicum sites
  • Assist other organisations and individuals to coordinate and advance evidence-based nutrition and exercise practice
  • Provide support to and cooperate with national and international organizations in sport science, medicine, and sport nutrition
  • Encourage interactions amongst nutrition and exercise professionals worldwide
  • Promote worldwide standards for identifying qualified nutrition and exercise professionals
  • Promote and support research to increase the existing knowledge base
  • Maintain a responsible relationship with sponsors
  • Support the development of resources where needed
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